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Capo Di Monte is more than just great coffee, its a turnkey retail brand that offers profitable sales. From cups to ancillaries and biscuits, these range of extras add value to any retail outlet.


Chinaware & Crockery

These commercial grade cups provide quality and durability while offering the ultimate drinking experience. Bespoke menu? No problem, our diverse range caters for the creative barista.

Pack Size: Individual

Case size: 12 Cups

Product Code: 0000

Full Product Range
Espresso Cup 0864
8oz Latte Mug 0865
12oz Latte Mug 0976
16oz Latte Mug  1230
8oz Cappuccino Bowl 0863
12oz Cappuccino Bowl 0794
16oz Cappuccino Bowl 0795
8oz Latte Glass 0887
12oz Latte Glass 0978

Takeaway Cups

The modern world never stops, and nor do your customers! These quality takeaway cups allow you to offer your customers great beverages on the move.

Pack size: 25 Cups

Case size: 20 x 25 Cups

Product Code: 0000

Full Product Range
8oz Ribbed Paper Cup 0919
12oz Ribbed Paper Cup 0923
16oz Ribbed Paper Cup 0945

Speculoos Biscuits

Delectably crunchy, with a caramelized flavor, Capo Di Monte speculoos biscuits are the perfect treat alongside a great beverage.

Pack size: 1kg

Case size: 6 x 1kg

Product Code: 0846


Sugar Sticks

Brown and White sugar sticks, ideal for the sweet tooth.

Pack size: 1kg

Case size: 6 x 1kg

Product Code: 0000

Full Product Range
Brown Sugar 0913
White Sugar 0912

Point of Sale & Marketing Support

Grown on the Daterra Estate in Brazil, this coffee is a very high quality Brazilian, different from the common commercial, generic flavours associated with Brazilian coffees. Distinct chocolate, peanut and biscuit notes make this a highly prized blend.

Pack size: 500 Cards

Case size: 2 x 500

Product Code: 1082

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