The Flavia beverage system offers a huge range of individually presented drinks. With a range of household and own brand selections Flavia cater to all tastes. Sealed in Flavia filter packs, each beverage preserves its original aroma and freshness.

Flavia Colombia Coffee

Flavia Coffee

Source from some of the world's most renowned coffee growing regions, Alterra only select the highest quality beans with the best flavour.

Pack size: 6.5g

Case size: 100 x 6.5g

Product Code: see below

Full product range:
Flavia Espresso Roast 0209
Flavia Italian Roast 0210
Flavia Rich Roast 0211
Flavia Colombia 0212
Flavia Smooth Roast 0213
Flavia Decaf Smooth Roast 0215
Flavia Hazelnut 0216
Flavia Fabulous Froth Original 0217
Flavia Ethiopia 0931
Flavia Merchandiser Unit 0969
Flavia Fabulous Froth Mocha 1251
Flavia English Breakfast

Flavia Tea

Robust and full-bodied tea boasting notes of caramelised sugar and malt with balanced astringency.

Pack size: 3g

Case size: 100 x 3g

Product Code: see below

Full product range:
Flavia English Breakfast Strong 0219
Flavia English Breakfast 0220
Flavia Earl Grey 0223
Flavia Lemon Herbal 0225
Flavia Green with Jasmine 0226
Flavia Raspberry Herbal 0228
Flavia Select Green 0555
Flavia Peppermint Herbal 0568
Latte Flavia

Cappuccino Latte Swirl

Combine with any coffee for a personalised, authentic cappuccino. Or perhaps create a unique 2-pack cocktail!

Pack size: 13g

Case size: 100 x 13kg

Product Code: 0000

Full product range:
Flavia Mars Swirl 0000
Cappuccino Latte Swirl 0000
Flavia Galaxy

Flavia Indulgence

Indulge yourself in an unforgettable GALAXY chocolate experience. Carefully blended and made with real GALAXY chocolate, this treat is truly an indulgent taste sensation.

Pack size: 20g

Case size: 100 x 20g

Product Code: 0218

Mars Swirl Flavia

Flavia Galaxy Chocolate

The Flavia mars swirl drink gives you a perfect sweet treat that you can really enjoy. Combine any coffee for your own creation with the mars swirl added on the top for a creamy caramel swirl topping. Perfect addition to any drink.

Pack size: 10g

Case size: 100 x 10g

Product Code: 0218

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