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Coffee: “Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere”.
November 17, 2015

UK coffee culture is continuing to grow; although that’s not a surprise to anyone in the coffee industry. However, it is interesting how non-specialty businesses are gaining access to the profitable coffee consumers.

“non-specialist outlets stole 2% market share from branded coffee chains.”

The UK coffee shop market which currently turns over £7.2bn has seen a substantial growth in non-specialist coffee outlets. Hospitals, Garden centres and other underutilised outlets have successfully extended specialist coffee to non-specialist environments, stealing 2% of the market share from branded coffee chains.


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Coffee Loves You Back
November 17, 2015


“Drinking three to five cups of coffee per day lowers the risk of premature death by 15%”


This year coffee has been the subject of much medical scrutiny, as Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University and The National Cancer Institute have all examined how heavy coffee consumption affects mortality; and their findings might surprise you.


“Coffee consumption lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, neurological disease and suicide”

Researchers from Harvard’s Public Health School have reviewed data from more than 200,000 participants, revealing that drinking three to five cups of coffee per day

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The Sanremo Opera: Worth Making a Song & Dance?
November 26, 2014

John Gordon: The Phantom of the Opera

Working alongside John Gordon ‘Baraista Champion’ Sanremo have developed a machine that is like no other.

With five insulated boilers; one per group, a steam boiler and a preheated that circulates water over the top of each grouphead. Although this sounds a little excessive any good Barista will tell you the key to happy customers is consistent quality; the opera minamalises temperature fluctuations, ensuring the highest quality extraction everytime.


“Think of each single thing you would like to see in an espresso coffee machine. Put yourselves

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