Barbarista, from the name to the Italian style, this coffee shop is focused on one thing; exceptional barista coffee. Provided with an empty shell the brief revolved around developing a coffee shop that offers an exceptional experience while retaining the practicalities of an easy installation.

Strategic Partner

Part of the Capo Di Monte Strategic Partnership

170+ Drinks per day

Selling over 170 hot drinks per day, Caffe Bistro is exceeding all expectations.

Medium Foot Fall

A non entrance site; Barbarista's location maintains a medium volume footfall.


Bar barista offer a small seating facility and takeaway options.


An exceptional coffee experience involves more than just exceptional coffee, while developing an easy install takes more than just great design. With over 30 years’ experience in coffee and a professional design team Bridge Valley Group installed a free standing Barista Pod, ensuring that consumers receive exceptional coffee experience that is worth coming back for.

Previous Problems

Lackluster restaurant facilities were not offering staff, patients and visitors a quality customer experience. Many staff would often leave the hospital and head to the nearest highstreet chain in order to obtain a quality coffee, highlighting the demand for a retail focused coffee shop.

The Solution

To create a retail focused coffee shop that not only offers customers exceptional coffee but a complete quality focused experience.

Barbarista should be an oasis of calm within the walls of a busy hospital, offering a place to relax and recuperate. The free standing retail pod offers a stunning central hub, surrounded by a range of seating options that caters for everyone.


- Freestanding Coffee Pod
- Full Retail Model
- Consumer Marketing Strategy
- Retail Pricing Strategy

- 35% Increase on current revenue
- 33% Increase on profit
- Gain market share from the hospitals 'highstreet consumers'
Service Package
Machine Service
- 48 hr machine servicing
- Dedicated engineers

Marketing Support
- Seasonal Promotions
- Guest Coffee Promotions
- Quality Point of Sale

Ordering & Customer Support
- Priority customer service
- Product & purchasing support

Why Bridge Valley?
Bridge Valley offer a complete solution.

We give a personal service that is often forgotten by high street coffee brands.

Our experienced team empower owners and catering managers by collaborating our ideas with their’s. Almost any site, in any condition
can be transformed into a successful coffee shop.

We offer a highly efficient complete in-house service, streamlining project management and cost.

Customer Comments

"From our very first project together at Royal Glamorgan Hospital; I have always enjoyed working with Bridge Valley. Together we have developed a great coffee shop concept that we are looking to expand trust wide."

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