Coffee Shop Psychology – “Grind Over Matter”.

It is generally accepted that humans find sanctuary in the places that surround them.

Ray Oldenburg, author of 'The Great Good Place' explains that people attach to three key places; their homes, their place of work and finally a place that helps them get through the day, in most cases a small community space such as a coffee shop.

Community, culture and attachment have been buzzwords in the field of psychology over the last 40 years; however until recently they have not been so prominent in the field of coffee shop design. A study by Lisa Waxman from Florida State University has explored the social and physical factors that influence place attachment in coffee shops.

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Waxman identified the key factors for success to be;

  • Cleanliness
  • An appealing aroma
  • Adequate lighting
  • Comfortable furniture
  • An interesting view

All coffee shops supply beverages, some provide well designed spaces, but very few offer their consumers an environment that they can attach to. Creating an intimate space not only offers customers a place to recuperate, it could also have a positive effect on their mental health.

Coffee shops offer predictability in a daily routine, a place to relax from the more formal roles of life. In the modern world humans are subjected to high stress and long working hours; offering people an escape from the formal roles of their job can increase their workplace performance and reduce stress.

So if you're feeling the pressures from the daily grind; visit a coffee shop, take a break and find salvation. It could improve your health and your workplace performance.