Capo Di Monte Coffee Tower

Capo Di Monte Coffee Tower

Introducing the revenue share coffee tower. Enjoy risk free profit of up to £34,000.00 per annum from a foot print of less than 1 sqm.

With no cost AT ALL to you, (free machine, free ingredients, free maintenance)  and a break-even point of only 20 drinks per day, the coffee tower is the perfect choice to make fantastic profit from any public space.

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Unique and stylish branding, driving consumer appeal and interest
• Coffee, tea and hot chocolate on demand
• 10% cheaper than high street hot drinks, meaning value for money with one price point
• Cashless payment as standard, making payment and service faster
• Touchscreen menu, so it’s quick and easy for anyone to use
• All-inclusive maintenance and servicing (fewer headaches and technical issues)
• Easy installation, with only water and power required
• Fast reporting and reduced downtime through innovative IQ technology

In-touch patented technology.
Smoked glass touch screen.
LED lit cup area.
USB Interface.
Spring loaded cup & lid dispensers.
Low voltage L.E.D: down lighters & back-lit header.
Robust casters & lockable legs.
Easy machine access: for servicing, cleaning & filling.
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