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From garden centers, to golf clubs and hospitality sites BVG work alongside leisure focused spaces to provide exceptional beverages. Coffee is becoming an important part of modern life, and retail coffee shops are taking over more than the high-street. Bridge Valley Group provide you with retail outlets to maximise your profitability and coffee offering.

Retail focused coffee shops that provide an exceptional coffee experience.
Coffee Corner is a complete beverage station that offers a compact retail service.
Pronto is a convenient way for consumers to grab a coffee on the move.
Our premium ingredients ensure high quality beverages.

Coffee Shops

Bridge Valley Group's retail model provides more than just exceptional coffee shops, it ensures that retail spaces develop a long term revenue stream.

Bridge Valley Group offer a complete solution, from design & installation, to product supply, marketing & aftercare. We bring more to our coffee shops than our expertise, we bring the excellence of our increasingly popular Capo Di Monte Italian Roast Coffee. We care about doing things well - great coffee, tasty food and a personal service. At Bridge Valley Group we offer a complete solution, from design & installation, to product supply, marketing & aftercare.

Provides students, staff and visitors with a intimate space to relax and study.

Facilities, students unions and schools are able to make profits that can be re-invested into estates and facilities.

As competition grows within the educational market an in-house coffee shop provides the school/university a point quality of difference.

Coffee Corner

The Capo Di Monte Coffee Corner extends the high street coffee shop into a compact self service station. With barista accessories this beverage station provides consumers with all their coffee shop favourites; from rich espresso to vanilla latte's.

Our experienced design team provide retail experienced beverage stations that ensure consumers receive an exceptional coffee experience that rivals a high-street coffee shop.

work alongside NHS facilitates and catering managers to ensure great design and exceptional coffee; extending the coffee shop offering throughout the hospital.

Elegante Grande  Petite
Coffee Corner Coffee Corner Grande Coffee Corner petite
Elegante Grande Petite
Drinks Bar Y N N
Integral Bin Y Y Y
Worktop Y Y Y
Storage Y Y Y
Twin Machines N Y N


The pronto has a proven track record. Without expectation all sites

have seen instant significant growth in drinks sales and in most cases
at a higher cup price. Using our Capo Di Monte San Primo Coffee Beans,
the Pronto is a quick and convenient way for your customers to grab a
great coffee on the move.

In-touch patented technology.
Smoked glass touch screen.
LED lit cup area.
USB Interface.
Spring loaded cup & lid dispensers.
Low voltage L.E.D: down lighters & back-lit header.
Robust casters & lockable legs.
Easy machine access: for servicing, cleaning & filling.
24 Hour beverage service station

Granulated Milk Only

Fully Integrated Quality Bean to Cup Machine

With over 30 years experience Bridge Valley Group know how to deliver a great machine service package. Our trained engineers and friendly support staff ensure our customers are never unable to make a great coffee.
Payment Options
Capital Purchase - Full payment prior to machine use.

Free Loan - Use your machine for 3 - 5 years while paying through monthly installments that included your ingredients purchase.

Bridge Valley Renatl - Monthly payments on a Bridge Valley machine.

Lease - Using a third party leasing company, devise a long term lease with monthly payment options that best suit you.

Why Bridge Valley?
Bridge Valley offer a complete solution. Our experienced team empower business owner, facilities and office managers by collaborating our ideas with their’s, ensuring you get the perfect solution at a fair price.

Customer Comments

Adding a coffee shop to our sports facility has added a new dimension to our business. We now provide our customers with something extra. We've got happy customers and a new stream of revenue.

Project Manager, Newport Sports Facility

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