The Popularity of Coffee by Country

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This weeks blog as we saw in the last issue, will be based around popularity of coffee by country and ending with the most expensive coffee in the world!


#45 United Kingdom

The U.K are ranked as #45 in the world for coffee drinking. It’s only in more recent years that coffee in the U.K has caught onto the trend, with Costa Coffee blagging the nation’s number one spot for favourite coffee shop.

In the U.K 80% of households buy instant coffee to drink at home, and a third of households have their own machine in the home.

The U.K’s favourite type of coffee is flat white.

#10 Canada

Canadians love coffee for many reasons, the cold and harsh winters is one of them. What better way to warm your hands up than with a nice hot coffee? Tim Hortons is favoured mostly in Canada, where the shop is mostly everywhere in the country.

Candians drink 6g per capita per year!

#9 Luxembourg

In Luxembourg the cappuccino is favoured as it’s not as intense in flavour. 6.5g of coffee per capita per year is consumed in Luxembourg.

#8 Belgium

Cappacino’s in Belgium fall third in popularity, with milk with/without sugar falls second. Black coffees trumps the top! In Belgium 6.8g of coffee is drank per capita.

#7 Switzerland

The Swiss like their brews strong and robust! They prefer a dark roast espresso and Kaffee crème. It’s known that in Switzerland they like their espressos in a tall glass and take with milk. They must drink a lot of it as they have 7.9g per capita each year!

#6 Sweden

Coffee in Sweden is known as Fika and phrases such as ‘Fika room’ which translates to ‘coffee room’ is used, where staff gather during mid morning and early afternoon to enjoy the hot drink. Swedish people prefer quality over quantity when it comes to coffee, and like to enjoy their drink with a cake. Their preferred choice is filtered coffee so that they can get the best taste. They drink a whopping 8.2g per capita per year.

#5 Netherlands

In the Netherlands people drink coffee a lot, in work, on the way to work, with friends in the city, with friends in their houses … They love any excuse to have a hot coffee. That’s probably why they drink 8.4g per capita per year!

The preferred choice is black, or black with milk and/or sugar.

#4 Denmark

They call their preferred drink Bica, which is an espresso. Rather than having a bigger drink, they prefer the small espresso and have a few a day, which shows how they manage to guzzle down 8.7g per capita per year!

#3 Iceland

Making it into the top 3 is Iceland.

They enjoy the light and mild tastes and sometimes can even have a slight fruity taste to their coffee.

In Iceland, when going out for a coffee, you will hardly be able to find a place that sells decaf! Only 3 cafes sell it.

They drink 9g of coffee per capita per year here.

#2 Norway

Norwegians are obviously a fan of coffee, consuming almost 10g of coffee per capita per year. They enjoy a black coffee with breakfast which is known as a kaffe.

#1 Finland

The number one spot is taken by Finland! They drink a whopping 12kg of coffee per capita each year! They deserve the number one spot for that effort!

They enjoy light roasts and this started from where they would purchase green coffee beans to roast at home.


So, we thought we drink a lot of coffee in the U.K but it turns out we’re nowhere near the top coffee drinkers!

A fun fact!

Hacidena La Esmeralda Coffee (Panama) -costs £259.73 per lb!

And we thought our local coffee shop was getting expensive ...

Up next week … The Science of Hot Drinks!