The Sanremo Opera: Worth Making a Song & Dance?

Opera Mood Image 1

John Gordon: The Phantom of the Opera

Working alongside John Gordon 'Baraista Champion' Sanremo have developed a machine that is like no other.

With five insulated boilers; one per group, a steam boiler and a preheated that circulates water over the top of each grouphead. Although this sounds a little excessive any good Barista will tell you the key to happy customers is consistent quality; the opera minamalises temperature fluctuations, ensuring the highest quality extraction everytime.


“Think of each single thing you would like to see in an espresso coffee machine. Put yourselves to the test to create a product that will bear each one of your names. You will be remembered as that group of extraordinary people that one day had the courage to change things and leave future generations something that does not just involve technique and innovation, but also passion and pride. If it’s possible, we’ll do it. If it isn’t – he said with a smile – we’ll try anyway.”  -  SANREMO UK


John Gordon is an accomplished service tech, and he cites his years servicing Synesso machines for Square Mile as an open inspiration for the Sanremo Opera. “Nothing’s invincible,” said Mr. Gordon told, “so we need to be able to fix this when stuff goes wrong. I want people not to have to replace things, so that way we can focus on preventative maintenance and the coffee.”

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